7 Days Weight Loss Meal Plan

Day 3

7 Days Weight Loss meal Plan - Day 3
7 Days Weight Loss meal Plan – Day 3

BREAKFAST: Fruit plate of mixed greens (1/2 container every one of cleaved apple, orange, pear, and banana), finished with 200g low-fat vanilla yogurt and 20g wholegrain oat.

LUNCH: 1 wholemeal mountain bread with 2 Tbsp avocado and loaded with 60g lean dish hamburger, 2 tsp nectar wholegrain mustard, 1/4 glass every one of ground carrot and slashed cucumber and 1 lettuce leaf.

Supper: Broccoli and spinach soup with garlic prawns. 1 intensely seeded bread roll and 1 tsp margarine.

SNACKS: 2 soy linseed corn finished with 2 tsp margarine, 40g Camembert cheddar and 2 cuts prosciutto ham. Dark or green tea. Water – plan to drink no less than 1.5 liters day by day.

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